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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, Potterheads!

Over the last decade, it has become increasingly clear that we, as stewards of the earth, need to do better when it comes to living sustainably and minimizing our impact on the planet and the other creatures we share it with. One of our priorities in the last couple of years has been finding ways to make our company as green as possible.

Way back in 2017, we made the switch to a new t-shirt company based out of California, which uses solar to power its factory floor and a high-efficiency dyeing technique that uses seven times less water than other manufacturers. (Plus they’re WRAP-certified and sweatshop free, so they’re good to their fellow humans, too!)

In 2018, we introduced new boxes that were made from post-consumer recycled cardboard, as well as biodegradable branded tape and compostable labels.

In 2019, we have continued to improve on our packaging with an eye toward reducing our carbon footprint and utilizing materials that are as eco-friendly as possible. Our boxes are now custom-printed on recycled cardboard, and rather than using paper tape, we have opted for a clear packing tape made from biodegradable plant-based cellulose, which offers the strength we need to keep parcels intact during shipping without sacrificing sustainability. Our shipping labels are still made from recyclable and compostable paper, and any prints that are designed in-house by Accio! are also still packaged in compostable, plant-based cellulose sleeves with recycled backing boards.

This year, we are also discontinuing the use of poly envelopes for our Etsy shop, opting instead for mailers made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, which will also be recyclable and compost-safe. And we are also phasing out plastic bubble wrap in favor of a more eco-conscious paper wrap.

And because doing our part for the earth also means protecting the fantastic creatures on it, we are maintaining our commitment to being a vegan and cruelty-free subscription box, and will continue partnering with charities like the Protego Foundation and Save the Chimps to help some of our planet’s most vulnerable species.

In honor of Earth Day, we’ll be sharing some ideas on Instagram and Facebook for ways you can help make a difference, too! And we would love to hear how you’ve made changes in your own life to help protect the planet, because we only get one, and there’s no Time Turner we can use to undo the damage we cause.

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