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Get to know the Accio! Rep team!

Our team of Accio! Reps are some of the coolest Potterheads on the internet. We wanted to start off the year by showing them some love!

Each of our reps is an incredible Potterhead in so many different ways. Our team includes Instagrammers with the most gorgeous aesthetics, YouTubers that are passionate about handmade crafts, and a couple dedicated unboxers who you might recognize. Every month we send them our subscription box (for free!) and they showcase the items via their preferred medium. We also give them a special discount code for their followers to receive 15% off their first month’s box of a month-to-month subscription. And because we love our reps and the work they do to help us out, we pay them a small commission for every sale using their code.

Hopefully you follow some of them on Instagram or are subscribed to their YouTube channels. Maybe you know them already, or maybe everyone is brand new to you! Whatever the case is, check out their work at their links below. And if you aren’t subscribed yet, be sure to use one of their codes; not only will you be supporting the box, but you’ll also help out the amazing independent artists that are part of our rep team!

The Accio! Reps:

Alana King
House: Eagle
Alana was our very first rep to join the team! She started unboxing our items on her YouTube channel way back in September of 2017, and she’s been an awesome team member ever since. In addition to her unboxing videos, Alana posts about all kinds of fandoms (Harry Potter and Supernatural are her two most common ones). Her goal is to spread fandom love and positivity to as many people as she can through her vlogs, reviews, unboxings, and so much more.

Check out her YouTube channel HERE to see all of her Accio! unboxings and more fandom fun. 


House: Snake
Demi became an Accio! Rep in April of 2018 when we put out a call for new reps. We were so smitten by her unique style, incredible eye for beautiful photos, and her clearly dedicated following. When she submitted her name for our search, we knew we had to snatch her up! She’s a Disney lover (aren’t we all) in addition to being a Potterhead, and you can often find her in any number of our favorite theme parks. Her Snake pride could make even the most biased member of House Lion want to be her friend.

Follow her on Instagram HERE to see all of her fun photos of our items.


Lauren Fairweather
House: Badger
We don’t know if we’ve ever met anyone who is a more pure expression of light and love than Lauren Fairweather. She joined our team in April of 2018 in the same group of reps as Demi, and her passion for all things crafty and Harry Potter is so inspiring. She sells handmade crafts on her Etsy store, as well as making Harry Potter fandom videos on her YouTube channel. On top of all that, she’s an incredible wizard rock musician (she just released a new album) and all around amazing person.

Check out her YouTube channel HERE to see all of her Accio! unboxings, crafting, journaling, music, and more.


Lovegood Bath Potions
House: Lion
Yes, THAT Lovegood Bath Potions! Not only is Alonna one of our favorite vendors to work with, she’s also a member of our rep team! She was a part of the same rep search as Demi and Lauren, starting back in April of 2018. If you follow her on Instagram, you know how incredibly talented she is with all of her different bath products (and how hard she works to make each and every item by hand all by herself). Alonna is endlessly creative with the products she invents, and we hope she finds all the success in the world.

Check out her YouTube channel HERE to see all of her Accio! unboxings.


Kevin Lohmann
House: Lion
Hi, yes, this is me! The one writing this article. I was the fourth and final member of the search Accio! did back in April of 2018. I have a YouTube channel where I run a Harry Potter Book Club, in addition to Harry Potter song parodies, cooking videos, and other random fun nonsense. Starting in September, I transitioned into a bigger role with Accio!, and I’m now the Master of Magical Marketing, in addition to my rep duties. What can I say? I love Accio! so freaking much! Ok, that’s enough. Bye!

Check out my YouTube channel HERE to see all of my Accio! unboxings and my Harry Potter Book Club.


Muggle Magic
House: Badger
In September of 2018, we opened up a few more rep spots and were thrilled when Danny from Muggle Magic submitted. Danny posts DIY craft and photoshop videos on his YouTube channel, and being the amazing Badger that he is, he provides his templates for free! We love his visions and creativity, and are so happy he’s a part of our rep team. If you’ve caught the crafting bug, definitely check out his videos for some magical tips and ideas.

Check out his YouTube channel HERE to see all of his Accio! unboxings and DIY videos.


House: Lion
Stephy, AKA TheMagicalBlonde, is an amazing Instagram photographer who has such an incredible eye for showcasing her love of Harry Potter. Her collection of fandom goods is a lot of fun to see (especially her awesome Luna-style lion head hat), and her live unboxings on her Instagram story are always a good time. Just like Demi, you can often find her at Universal Studios having the time of her life. Stephy joined us in September of 2018, at the same time as Danny of Muggle Magic.

Follow her on Instagram HERE to see all of her fun photos of our items.


House: Badger
Our third addition in September of 2018 was Johnny, AKA TheDailyJohnny on Instagram. Johnny is a lover of all things books, especially Harry Potter, and he might have the most unique aesthetic of all of our reps. The amount of effort he puts into setting up and editing his photos is clear, and we just can’t get enough of it. We love seeing our items included in his beautiful feed.

Follow him on Instagram HERE to see all of his fun photos of our items.


Castora Magic
House: Badger
Victoria is our most recent addition to the team, having just joined us here in January of 2019! And although she receives our Badger box, she has admitted that she straddles the line between Badger and Snake. (Something she has in common with our CEO, Christina!) She has an energetic and bubbly personality, and her passion for our favorite fandom shines through in all of her videos. You can find her on YouTube going on all kinds of fun, magical adventures (be sure to check out her beautiful wedding video).

Check out her YouTube channel HERE to see all of her Accio! unboxings and more fandom fun.

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