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Book Cover FAQs

Everyone has been so excited about our book cover collaboration with Danny McMurray of Muggle Magic DIY! We have really loved seeing how much joy these collectible book jackets bring to our subscribers, and how beautiful they look on everyone’s shelves.

Pre-orders for missed covers open today, so we thought it would be a good time to put together a FAQ post about these gorgeous pieces. So, without further ado… Sonorous!

Which books do the covers fit?

This is probably the most common question we get about the covers. As we are a US-based company, more than 90% of our customer base is in the United States, so we went with the US hardcover editions of the books illustrated by Mary GrandPré and published by Scholastic.

Here are the ISBN numbers for the set and the numbers and sizes of the individual books:

Full Set:

ISBN-13: 9780545044257

ISBN-10: 0545044251

Book one:

ISBN-13: 9780590353403
ISBN-10: 0590353403

Dimensions: 9 ¼ x 6 ¼ x 1 inches

Book two:

ISBN-13: 9780439064866
ISBN-10: 0439064864

Dimensions: 9 ¼ x 6 ¼ x 1 ¼ inches

Book three:

ISBN-13: 9780439136358
ISBN-10: 0439136350

Dimensions: 9 ¼ x 6 ¼ x 1 ½ inches

Book four:

ISBN-13: 9780439139601
ISBN-10: 0439139600

Dimensions: 9 ¼ x 6 ¼ x 2 ¼ inches

Book five:

ISBN-13: 9780439358064
ISBN-10: 043935806X

Dimensions: 9 ¼ x 6 ¼ x 2 ¹⁄₁₆ inches 

Book six:

ISBN-13: 9780439785969
ISBN-10: 0439785960

Dimensions: 9 ¼ x 6 ¼ x 1 ⅞ inches

Book seven:

ISBN-13: 9780545010221
ISBN-10: 0545010225

Dimensions: 9 ¼ x 6 ¼ x 2 ⅛  inches

All of these can easily be purchased or ordered from your favorite local bookstore if you’d like new copies, and most are widely available online if you’re outside the US.

If you don’t want to shell out for new books, there are several places online you can look, like Half Price BooksAbe Books and Thrift Books. Checking your local thrift stores is also great, or you can hit your local library’s next book sale and support your community with your purchase!

How many book covers will be available during the pre-order?

Because we aren’t producing these covers until we close orders, these will be unlimited and you may order as many as you like!

How long will production take?

The gold foiling on these covers is absolutely stunning, but it does make production a little more complicated and time-consuming. We expect production and packaging to take approximately 6-8 weeks before the covers are ready to ship.

Can you reserve a cover for me and I’ll pay once they’re completed? 

No, only book covers paid for up front will be produced.

Will the covers be made available for sale after they are produced? 

No, we are only ordering as many covers as we have orders for. This is your very last chance to snag one and complete your collection!

Will you combine shipping for more than one cover?

Yes! We can fit 2-6 covers per box, so those would all ship together and you’d only be charged once for shipping.

Will you ship the covers internationally?

Absolutely. The usual conditions will apply to international orders, and you can read more about that here.

Why isn’t Book 7 being made available?

We’ve said from the beginning that we wanted these covers to be exclusive to our subscribers. One of the benefits of subscribing to our box is gaining access to limited edition collectible items you won’t be able to find anywhere else, and we want these covers to be one of those items. If we were to open up Book 7 sales to everyone now, it would diminish the value of the covers for all of our subscribers⁠—some of whom stayed up until 3 AM in their respective time zones to secure a spot in our subscription! Because of our commitment to keeping that collectible value to these covers, Book 7 will never be made available outside of the September 2019 box.

But you could make a lot more money if you sold Book 7, too!

Yeah, we could. We could make more money if we bought cheaper t-shirts as well, or spent less money on packaging. But all of these⁠—limited collectibles, super soft shirts, and sustainable packaging⁠—are things we are well-known for within the fandom. We are willing to sacrifice a little profit to ensure that our subscribers continue to receive the quality, value, and craftsmanship we have made a part of our brand.

But…. please?

We know it’s really disappointing. But we have some other amazing ideas coming up for the end of the year and into 2020, so if you want to avoid future FOMO, the best thing to do is subscribe now so you can get in on the most unique magical subscription box on the market!

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