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September's box is all about ticking off that supply list and getting yourself all set with everything you need from one magically convenient alley. So it's time to go Back to School Shopping! 📚 Grab your galleons, maybe a shopping trolley, and head on down that diagonal alleyway. Don't miss anything on the list or else a certain potions teacher might send you to detention! You won't have to worry, though; September's Accio! box will get you all prepped to attend the next year of your magical education. 🪄 Want some hints at what's inside? 🛒 Brew something up with the best of them! 🛒 If you're a first year, stop by the most mysterious shop in town. 🛒 You’ll be the talk of the town when you carry this with you! But careful, keep it contained or it might be a trip to the nurse. 🛒 Show off your word play and rearrange letters like magic. 🛒 You’ll want to take notes everywhere you go with this! And plenty more exciting things we can’t wait to show you! Maybe even an exclusive collaboration 🤫


While you’re shopping for the new school year, don’t forget your supplies for potions class. Potages has the best selection of cauldrons, and Slug and Jiggers has all of the ingredients you could ever need! Hang this tiny cauldron over a tea light and shake in some of these little wax melts. Guaranteed to make your common room smell like Fall! Of course, you could always just get a September Accio! Box so you don't have to worry about picking out all the right supplies for school.


While you’re out shopping for the new school year, don’t forget to pick up your pen and ink. After all, those notes aren’t going to take themselves. Make sure it’s exam quality! No self-correcting ink allowed!

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