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Evanna Lynch praised our decision to become a cruelty-free subscription box and we are DYING!


If you’re following us on Facebook or Instagram, you probably saw our BIG announcement last week: we are now officially a cruelty-free subscription box! (In fact, we are the only vegan and cruelty-free Harry Potter themed subscription box, and one of only a handful of vegan fandom box options!)

Going cruelty-free and vegan was an easy choice to make for us, and it led to the most amazing thing this week!

Making the transition to becoming a cruelty-free subscription box

Accio! has always been an eco-conscious company. (Did you know that all of our boxes and crinkle filler paper are made from recycled materials, and are fully compostable? Now you do!) We have always done as much as we can to minimize our carbon footprint and make sure that we are using as many sustainable resources in our products as possible. (It’s one of the reasons we chose bamboo for our Wizard Wooden Spoons from last year’s Kitchen themed box!)

I also personally have followed a plant-based diet myself for about 15 years (basically my whole adult life), and the household and beauty care products I choose are always cruelty-free. We have never included wool, leather, or silk materials in our boxes, because I don’t wear animal fibers and wouldn’t want to support those industries with our company.

Past boxes have included some edible products that have contained dairy and egg products, but by eliminating these from our selections and becoming a vegan-friendly subscription box, we open up our box for so many more people to enjoy!

How we ended up on Evanna Lynch’s podcast

You all know Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood from the films, and in addition to being an incredibly talented actress, she is also a vegan and a champion for animals. Her podcast cohost, Tylor Starr, reached out to us last week about vegan options in our boxes, which is what prompted us to start thinking about becoming a cruelty-free subscription box. We had no idea this would lead to a mention on Evanna’s vegan podcast, The Chickpeeps! In the episode, Tylor and Evy discuss different types of activism, and right around the 55:55 mark, they give us a little shoutout. Check it out!



We cannot even begin to tell you how cool it was to hear nice things about our box in Luna’s excited voice! (And by the way, Evy, if you DO want us to sponsor you, or you just want a free box to review…)


What’s next?

In addition to going cruelty-free, we are having an ongoing conversation with Tylor and the Protego Foundation about a future collaboration on an upcoming box, where a percentage of proceeds will go to an animal-related initiative. We share the planet with so many fantastic beasts, and we want to put our money where our mouths are, channel our inner Newt Scamander, and help out where we can. So keep an eye out for that announcement later in the year!

*Note: The beautiful Luna doll in the header image is from Ardently Crafted Paper Dolls and was featured in our March Luna-inspired box!

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