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Anatomy of an Accio Box: What you can expect in your monthly subscription

Ever wondered what kind of surprises might come in your monthly Accio Box subscription?

Well, wonder no more! Here are examples of two of our recent curations and what we included inside each one, with a little detail about the items inside and what you can expect from future boxes.


December 2016

1)  Accio! Exclusive: Helvetica Title T-Shirt

This shirt was done exclusively for our first Accio Box! Featuring that oh-so-popular Helvetica list design, this limited edition shirt references the title of each of the seven books, giving other Potterheads a not-so-subtle clue to your favorite fandom.

2) Handmade Articulated Paper Doll by Ardently Crafted

Kathleen of Ardently Crafted calls her beautiful paper dolls “moveable prints.” Our first Prefect-level Accio Box featured her Harry doll, complete with a tiny Hedwig to perch on his shoulder. Kathleen illustrates a master copy of each doll herself, then has them printed on thick, high-quality paper and hand-cuts each piece, articulating them at the joints so you can pose them any way you like! (We have a lot of fun with ours. Probably too much fun, if we’re being honest.

 3) Scented House Candles by Cherry Pit Crafts

Our December Prefect Accio Box subscribers each got one soy wax candle unique to their House, and we absolutely loved the scents that Andrea of Cherry Pit Crafts chose to represent each of the four Houses based on their elements!

4) House Bumper Stickers by Midnight House Elves

All of our December Accio Box subscribers got one of these House-specific stickers from Midnight House Elves, perfect for your flying Ford Anglia, laptop, water bottle, or wherever else you like! (Permanent sticking charms not included.)



January 2017

 1)  Handcrafted Mug by Print & Clay

We fell in love with these handmade mugs by Amanda Barr of Print & Clay, featuring hand-stamped detail and adorable illustrations of everyone’s favorite owl and a very special hat. Each January Accio Box subscriber got one of these to enjoy, perfect for using with our second item… 

2) Butter Beer Flavored Loose-Leaf Tea by Tea Hippies

Both Basic and Prefect subscribers got a generous bag of this delicious tea by Tea Hippies. A heavenly butterscotch aroma accompanies notes of almond, vanilla, and caramel. It’s so good by itself, we drink it without cream or sugar!

3) House Bath Bombs with Patronus Charm by Fizzy Fairy Apothecary

Our January Prefect Accio Box subscribers each got a delightful scented bath bomb unique to their House, complete with a fun surprise: once the bombs dissolve in the bath, a little charm is left over, revealing your Patronus! Check out more fun fandom bath products at Fizzy Fairy’s Etsy shop!

4) Accio Exclusive: Deathly Hallows Sugar Cookies by Hello, sweeties. 

Prefect subscribers in January also got this heavenly treat to go with their tea: two hand-iced sugar cookies from Hello, sweeties. in Port Orchard, Washington. Kasey, who owns the commercial bakery, did a beautiful job creating and designing these treats, and we are planning another collaboration with her this spring on a box designed just for new moms and moms-to-be!



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